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Surveillance video from a Vancouver, British Columbia, high rise caught Desmond Hague abusing the trembling 1-year-old Doberman pinscher named Sade. The Connecticut man is the CEO of Centerplate, a catering company that distributes food to 350 sports event venues across the U.S., including New York City’s Javits Convention Center. Sade was uninjured, and Hague said he apologized to her owner, one of his friends.
Heartless Connecticut CEO caught kicking puppy in Canadian elevator


Photo of a possibly pregnant dolphin evincing the common slideout stereotypy at SeaWorld’s nursery. There is at least one known case of a cetacean at SeaWorld dying after labor complications brought on from a stillbirth after the mother crushed her calf while she was on the slideouts. SeaWorld already lost a dolphin, Bossa, earlier this year who died after delivering a stillborn calf. 


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Rainbow Exotics, a whole sale bird breeder for Petsmart has confirmed cases of psittacosis. This sign is in Ohio, but they supply the entire US.

If you have purchased a bird from Petsmart please bring them to a vet. Psittacosis is a highly contagious zoonotic disease that can kill your bird and create flu-like symptoms in humans. It is treatable with antibiotics for your birds if caught early. It is generally not serious in people, although if left untreated it can be.

If you have bought toys or cages from Petsmart please disinfect them before giving them to your birds! Or return them. Psittacosis can live in feather dust and droppings for months.

Please share. And consider adopting your next bird from a rescue.

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As an employee I can confirm this is true! It really fucking sucks. Our vendor is shit.

I will say though that if you purchased a bird from Petsmart within that time frame, they WILL cover costs of testing+potential treatment. The testing alone is about 100 bucks according to my vet, so don’t hesitate to milk Petsmart for some moolah.

Oh shit some of you have birds and this would be terrifying imo

Does this mean from like any pet smart because I bought my parakeet in march I believe or January I can’t remember
But so far we’re fine and she’s fine as well.

This bird mill supplies Petsmarts in many many states. Even if you are unsure please bring your bird in. Birds need yearly or bi-yearly vet exams just like a dog or cat.



“One of the things that constantly shocks people I speak to is how young farmed animals are before they are killed. Despite advertising and other popular notions to the contrary, farms are not benign places for farmed animals. Most are intensive factories designed to get animals from birth to slaughter in the quickest time possible. They are certainly not sanctuaries.”

“The positive is, of course, all this death is avoidable. No farmed animal – regardless of whatever age they are – has to die for you if you choose to stop eating meat, eggs and dairy products. The best way to end the suffering of animals is to go vegan - or at least start in that direction.”

Read the full blog post here.

Great post, thanks for putting this up. 

If you love dogs, you will loathe this:

      The controversial annual dog meat-eating festival will be held on the summer solstice (June 21) in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, when more than 10,000 dogs are likely to be slaughtered and served as hotpots with litchis and strong liquor. PLEASE HELP STOP THIS.      Sign here =  and here =
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